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Images from GOES-East (16) and GOES-West (15) satellites:
   Visible (false-color)
 Visible (grayscale)
 Water Vapor (high)
 Water Vapor (mid)
 Water Vapor (low)
 Channels 7-14
 Channels 14-15
 Channels 9-10
 Channels 10-14
 Channels 5-6
 s/w IR reflectance
 Daytime micro RGB

End date: 
End time: 
Loop duration: 
 Small size   Large size
MMV: Monclova, MX sector MHO: Hermosillo, MX sector MMZ: Mazlatlan, MX sector MEX: Mexico City, MX sector UPN: Uruapan, MX sector Hawaii sector Gulf of Alaska sector Contiguous US
Alternative source

  ADDS satellite images
  - CONUS visIR, or WV
  - LWS visIR, or WV
  - WMC visIR, or WV
  - LAS visIR, or WV
  - COD visIR, or WV
  - DEN visIR, or WV
  - ABQ visIR, or WV
  - PIR visIR, or WV
  - ICT visIR, or WV
  - AUS visIR, or WV
  - MSP visIR, or WV
  - LIT visIR, or WV
  - DTW visIR, or WV
  - EVV visIR, or WV
  - MGM visIR, or WV
  - ALB visIR, or WV
  - BWI visIR, or WV
  - CLT visIR, or WV
  - TPA visIR, or WV
  - CARIB visIR, or WV
  - GULF visIR, or WV
  - AK visIR, or WV
  - HI visIR, or WV
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