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Text Data Server

The text data server complements and enhances the ADDS website by providing direct and queryable access to much of the real-time data that is depicted elsewhere on the site.

This service facilitates access to ADDS data via automated computer-to-computer processes and is an ideal mechanism for users who consistently need access to raw data, for those users who need more control over the data than is currently available through the ADDS website, or for users wishing to build custom applications based on ADDS data.

For example, as the text data server only stores the past 3 days of data, and as such is not intended to support historical data access, one might build a client application that automatically contacts the text data server at regular intervals to obtain records of interest and store them locally, thus building their own history. Further, one might build custom aviation/weather tools for a website, desktop application, or mobile device.

One of the features of the text data server is the ability to request data specific to an intended use. Clients target specific areas of interest and limit the volume of data returned by including product specific constraints in their requests. Some constraints limit results by space and time, some perform sophisticated operations - such as returning data adjacent to a user-specified flight path, and others are required with high-volume data products to reduce load on the server.

Getting Started

Learn how to set up your request and connect with the text data server

Best Practices

Maximize your query performance and minimize your impact on others

Release Procedures

Learn how and when new versions are released

Data Products

View available products, examples, and access information about specific constraints and formats

Aircraft Reports overview examples field descriptions output formats
AIR/SIGMET overview examples field descriptions output formats
METARs overview examples field descriptions output formats
Station Info overview examples field descriptions output formats
TAFs overview examples field descriptions output formats

Please note that the text data server is a service shared by many users, so cooperation is required to ensure that it operates at optimum levels.

As with other tools and services on this site, the text data server is an experimental service. Please read the disclaimer.

Release Information

1.5 (current)
Release Date:
January 21, 2014
Decommission Date:
2 months after the next release
Release Notes thrust.rap.ucar.edu thrust adds-web1